Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Cold trash bags: A new trend?

When Lauren returns from the grocery store, she immediately puts everything away (something positive about obsessive compulsive disorder!).

If she doesn't know where something goes, her "default" place is the refrigerator. She has been known to put canned goods, boxes of pasta and cereal in the refrigerator.

Last week, I found a box of garbage bags in the refrigerator. I totally understand Lauren's behavior...but overnight staff had to move the box of trash bags to get to the milk and orange juice.

Should I include "if Lauren puts garbage bags in the refrigerator, please put them under the sink" in the orientation to working with Lauren? Or where in  a conversation, should I bring up this topic? 

Do some people keep their garbage bags cold? Please help me understand....

Keeping it real,


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