Thursday, August 24, 2017

Do you sleep with your glasses on?

Cute picture for sure! But, seriously do you sleep with your glasses on? I'm not talking about a nap. Do you go to bed for the night with your glasses on?

For many years, Lauren had to be cued to take her glasses off and put them on her dresser. 

One night, staff forgot to cue her or assist with taking her glasses off.

So...she slept all night with her glasses on. Can you imagine the indentations in her head from wearing glasses all night? Think she had a good night's sleep?

Keeping it real!


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Possible business opportunity for adults with autism:making pillows for caretakers?

All staff who work with Lauren are aware that we have cameras in Lauren's apartment.

One day, Tom and I were taking a look, as we often do... just to see how things are going.

To our surprise, Lauren was watching a DVD and her companion/caregiver had her head down on the table. It was 
10:00 am and the person had arrived at 9:00 a.m. 

We watched and watched...she didn't budge. So, we called the agency and they promptly called and woke her up.

Am I missing something? Is it okay to take a nap when caring for a disabled person?

Or, is this a possible business opportunity for people with autism and other disabilities?

Is there a market for pillows for caretakers?

Keeping it real,


Double-dip or dive?

One evening, I received a text from a friend. She asked, "Is Lauren living in a group home"? I  replied, "No".....why do you ask?

My friend responded, "I saw Lauren at the movies seated with residents of a group home". 

We knew that the staffer working with Lauren also worked for a group home. But, we were totally unaware that she was taking Lauren to work with her at the group home. 

For that evening (and other times), we learned that the staffer was paid by the agency who provides staff for Lauren and paid by the group home.


Double-dipping is defined as obtaining an income from two different sources,
 typically in an illicit way.

Is this double dipping? Or a dive??!!!

Keeping it real,


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Is there a bring your puppy to work day?

While "relaxing" one evening with Lauren's retired service dog (a black lab) at my feet, I received an email saying:

"There was a bit of an issue today at class.

Lauren arrived with her service dog and unfortunately my child is severely allergic and can't be anywhere near a dog. So while they were trying to figure it out, Lauren and her caregiver left." 

Lauren's caregiver didn't report that they had to leave the class (which cost $25.00). The dog (an 8 week old puppy) belonged to the caregiver. We were unaware that she had been bringing her puppy to Lauren's activities. 

I questioned the caregiver about the incident and shared concerns.
So....she quit.

I ask, is it okay to bring your puppy to work?

Keeping it real!