Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A girl has to eat!

Lauren LOVES to eat! 

So, we work tirelessly at keeping her active and eating healthy.

Lauren's refrigerator is filled with fresh fruit and cakes, cookies, potato chips or soda. If unhealthy items are in her apartment, she will eat them....every last morsel!

In addition, Lauren is allergic to many foods (chocolate, eggs, peanuts).

A new staffer arrived with her "lunch" in tow (a whole rotisserie chicken, quart containers of coleslaw, potato and macaroni salad, two packages of chocolate cookies and two large bottles of orange soda).   

I called the agency to report our concerns.

The agency director said I had to "understand that the woman was entitled to eat while at work". I responded that we encourage all staff to eat "with" Lauren. The woman was welcome to eat fruit, yogurt, make a sandwich or salad.

The next day, Lauren's neighbors called to report that the woman was outside at her car eating from a large cooler in her trunk. 

They presumed Lauren was in her apartment alone.

Trust me, I know a girl has to eat.....but isn't "working" with Lauren supposed to be about Lauren? 

Aren't staff there to help Lauren live her best life...not create more problems?

Keeping it real,


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