Friday, August 14, 2015


We don't say thank you enough for the wonderful people who work with Lauren. We are so grateful to you for: 

Showing up on time

Smiling and laughing 

Picking the perfect outfit for her to wear 

Making sure her hair elastics and earrings match her outfit

Keeping her clean

Giving her medications on time

Cutting her food

Helping her brush her teeth

Hugging her

Celebrating every accomplishment

Keeping her safe

Cleaning her glasses

Dancing with her

Helping her board her bus without tripping or falling

Making sure her seat belt
is on

Wiping her nose

Calling us when she is "off" or has a rash or blister on her feet 

And "being there" for Lauren when we can't be ...........

"Thank you" just doesn't seem like enough...


Donna and Tom

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