Saturday, August 8, 2015

In how many languages can you say, "please no cold shower"?

Tom and I were just about to start dinner when we got a call that the hot water heater was leaking at Lauren's apartment.

Quickly, Tom jumped into the car and headed over. He cleaned up the water and called a plumber.

The plumber couldn't get there until the next day, so there would be no hot water for Lauren's shower in the morning.

I Googled how to say "no shower, no hot water" in Spanish and texted the overnight staffer with the message.

Then, I texted another staffer who speaks Spanish and asked her to call or text the overnight staffer to tell her "no shower, no hot water".

Tonight, I am praying and hoping that the message was understood.

This is one of the realities of communicating with many staff members in Florida.

Many speak Spanish or Creole and little English.

Keeping it real,


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  1. You would think that you shouldn't have to tell caregivers not to give cold showers, but I've seen it done more than once. So much for 'direct care 101'