Thursday, August 6, 2015

It's bad when paramedics know you in the grocery store!

I'm not getting all mushy here, but there really is always hope.

Lauren has had seizures since she was about a year old. 

We tried a wide range of medications with little success getting her seizures controlled.

We were "frequent fliers" with calls to 911. When grocery shopping, we often ran into paramedics who would call out "Hey Lauren!".

Lauren was in the emergency room more times than I can count, even hospitalized one time on a ventilator. There were many dark days.

One day Lauren's neurologist said, "Why don't we try this medication"? 

As desperate parents, we responded, "Let's try it".

It has been a miracle drug! 

Lauren has been seizure free for 3 years!

So, the lesson in this story...Never give up hope!

Keeping it real,


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