Monday, August 3, 2015

Food and Refrigeration

Tom is Italian, so of course Lauren LOVES pasta!
We always keep extra jars of sauce in her kitchen cabinet. 

Pasta with sauce usually works well for staffers who can't cook. Boiling water for the pasta and putting some sauce over it... is usually part of their skill set.

So, one day when I was putting groceries away in Lauren's kitchen cabinet, I saw a jar of half emptied pasta sauce....with mildew growing! YUCK!!!!

Please don't think Lauren did it....she is 4' 9" tall and couldn't reach the shelf it was on without a step ladder.

So, I ask.... at what point in life do we learn about food safety and refrigeration? 

Specifically, when a jar of pasta sauce is opened....and half is left, does it go into the refrigerator in most homes? Or, back in the cabinet?

Should this be an interview question for agencies hiring staff to care for people with autism or other disabilities?

Just saying....

Keeping it real,


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