Monday, August 10, 2015

You're Fired!

Some of Lauren's "support staff" have been far from what any parent would wish for.

It can be so easy for others to say to us, "Why didn't you fire her?"

But, the consequences of firing someone have to be carefully considered.

Often, there is little or no "back up" staff to cover. Parents are already called upon to cover holidays, illness and vacations. 

So, what can a family do? 

After month or years of getting the individual used to their new life, do you bring them home and start all over?

Or, cover the shifts until a new person is found (not easy) and oriented?

Parents who have finally been given a respite from decades of  24/7 care are now found back on duty (older and out of practice). Parents who have jobs, other responsibilities, and their own health issues.

I have often slept at Lauren's apartment. 

After giving her a shower, fixing her breakfast, and helping her board her bus, I head home or to work and begin calling the agency to check on the status of the case. 

I am not suggesting in any way shape or form to continue with a staff member who is abusive, irresponsible or unsafe. 

What I am saying is that parents have to carefully consider the consequences of "firing" someone.

When hiring or approving a new person to work with your loved one, trust your gut.....if something doesn't feel right....don't agree to the person. 

As hard as it can be in the beginning, it will be even harder later.

And...always, always..... have a bag packed!

Keeping it real,


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