Wednesday, July 29, 2015

911.... Police...crayon on my hand!

Saturday started out as "typical" as most days for us. Things were calm at Lauren's apartment. A new staffer (college student majoring in psychology with experience working with the special needs ministry at her church) was working with her today. So, I decided to go to yoga.

I got into my car after yoga and immediately checked my phone.

Chaos at Lauren's apartment. The police were there! I headed over to the apartment and called Tom along the way.

Tom and I arrived at Lauren's apartment to find two police cars and two police officers (each with two guns) wearing vests.

What happened?

Lauren was coloring at the dining room table. She had a small piece of crayon on one of her hands. Her obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) kicked into high gear! The new staff member was unsuccessful helping Lauren wash the crayon off her hand.

So, Lauren began to pull the staffer's hair and ripped her shirt. The staffer called police and reported that "she was afraid for her life"!

We walked into the apartment to find calm restored. The police officer had washed Lauren's hand off and they were best buddies.

Fortunately, the police in our area have had extensive training on handling people with disabilities. They couldn't have done more to help.

The good news is that Lauren has clean hands!

You have to laugh....crying doesn't help.

Keeping it real,


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