Thursday, July 30, 2015

Doesn't everyone eat dinner?

I must admit that I crock pot and crock pot often (chili, stews and what ever the Crockin girls are recommending!). 

I have two identical crock pots so I can bring just the liner over to Lauren's apartment. That way we are assured she has a good, healthy dinner.   

So one day, I made my drop of some "chicken surprise"!

The next day, I arrived at the apartment to make a new "drop" and sadly found the "chicken surprise" exactly as I left it.

Ummmmm...what did Lauren have for dinner? 

Staff arrived at 3:00 p.m that day. I checked the freezer...nothing appeared to be missing.

Maybe a can of soup? 

They went out to eat? I don't think so...if so, who paid?

My investigation began quickly!!!

I asked overnight staff..."any dishes in the strainer"? "Any idea what Lauren ate for dinner?"

I contacted the staffer and the agency immediately!!!!

The staffer reported that she called the agency to see if she should give Lauren dinner. 

No one called her back.........

She didn't call us or another staffer.

All of our numbers are on the bulletin board. 

............So she didn't give Lauren any dinner.

No liquids or a snack from 3:00 through the night.

Doesn't everyone (with a refrigerator full of food and a crock pot dinner on the counter) eat dinner?

I wept.........

Keeping it real,


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  1. Crock pot left out all night and day? This sounds familiar. I wonder if they would serve it to their own children? Or not feed their own kids because no one told them to?